A brand is a living, breathing thing in constant evolution. The principles and hallmarks of the brand must always be in check. Mortarr should come across the same way regardless of medium or vehicle. Whether it be an Instagram post, an email campaign, a promotional video, or a business card in the palm of a prospect’s hand. Mortarr is always beautiful, always thoughtful, and always as simple as possible. Use Mortarr Co-Branding resources and assets on your website, social channels, trade show materials, and other marketing initiatives to lead people to the Mortarr community, where they can be inspired to build beautiful projects of the future. We can’t wait to see where you take it next.

The logo mark combines three simple brick shapes to subtly form the letter “M”. The bricks are aligned strategically to create forward momentum and suggest progress while also illustrating the domino effect created by using the platform. This distinguishable icon can be used alone or as a strong design element when needed.


You can download our entire suite of logos for your various marketing needs. A variety of colors and file types are available, along with this helpful color guide meant to provide guidance on appropriate usage depending on the intended application.

You must admit, the Mortarr icon looks sharp among some of the most famous social media icons in the world. Place the Mortarr social icons on your website header or footer, in your email signature, and anywhere else a prospect or client would be inclined to click or tap to visit you on Mortarr. Go ahead and link directly to your Mortarr profile.

Let the world know they can find you on Mortarr with our “Found on Mortarr” design lockup. Use on your next new trade show banner or handout, or add it on your next order of swag or company-branded attire. You could even get a tattoo of it if you wanted to (ask about tattoo usage guidelines for more info). Use it wisely so people know they can find your expertise and a world of inspiration and networking on Mortarr.

Let your social media followers know they can find you on Mortarr with our “Found on Mortarr” and "Join us on Mortarr" social graphics and post templates for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. Not on those networks? No better time than now to get started.  

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