Get the 411 on Mortarr


So what exactly is Mortarr?


Mortarr is an imagery driven, search-based website and app that serves as an inspiration gallery, networking and promotional tool for professionals, brands, and end-users in the commercial construction and design industry. What does that mean?


Say you’re a restaurant owner, and you’re looking to re-design your dining room. You want a fresh atmosphere. Where do you go to look for the perfect seating, lighting, flooring, millwork, windows, textiles, and other furnishings? Previously, you’d have to browse multiple sites and magazines, oftentimes sifting through residential ideas until you find something that just might apply to your business. Now, you’re able to find it all in one place — just Mortarr it.

Our co-founders were inspired by the lack of inspiration available for commercial design. They went down too many rabbit holes trying to find images, products, and services in the commercial space for their own projects. Mortarr came about because they knew it could be done better. We’re applying what’s been done so successfully on the residential side and creating it for an industry just ripe for it. Literally, over 5 million Google searches are happening each month for the images, professionals, and services featured on Mortarr.

So how does Mortarr work?


Professional companies, such as architects, engineers, and contractors can showcase their beautiful work on Mortarr to get found by audiences searching for them. Brands can showcase their amazing product lines and connect with the people wanting to use their products in their projects. Individual subscribers can browse images and collaborate in real-time with professionals and brands to bring their project to life. If you’re interested in learning more about how general users can use the site, click here.

Mortarr is what it is because of the companies and brands on the platform. Their beautiful imagery is what we’re all about.


If you have any questions or want to schedule a demo, just let us know.

UPDATED: September 30, 2019

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