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From conference rooms and hotel lobbies, to stadiums, airports, and beyond, Mortarr is transforming the way businesses are built, and that all starts with you.


With a personal profile, you have access to beautiful project and product imagery from companies across the country at no cost. Professionals such as architects, brands, general contractors, sub-contractors, designers, and engineers are showcasing their latest and greatest commercial projects and products for your viewing pleasure.


With a personal profile on Mortarr, you can save the images that inspire you most to your private Design Rooms. Once you’re ready to embark on a project, you can invite your team of professionals to collaborate with you in your Design Room.

Mortarr is designed to provide users with the ideas, inspiration, and professional connections to get your projects from start to finish.


Let’s say you’re looking to open a coffee shop. Although the to-do list may be overwhelming, Mortarr allows you to filter down to specific elements of your project and tackle each item on the list. For instance, you can focus on lighting and seating inspiration to start.


After logging in to your Mortarr account, head over to the Photo Gallery. You can narrow down your search by selecting filters in Industry, Space, and Product Type.

office design.png

For your coffee shop, you may want to try Bars + Restaurant as the Industry, Lounge as the Space, and Lighting/Seating as the Product Type(s). Through the magic of Mortarr, you will see a variety of relevant, beautiful images in your feed, but let’s say a particular lighting fixture really catches your eye.

You click on the image to get a closer look and navigate to the design firm’s Project Gallery.

Not only is the brand that makes the lighting fixture tagged, but you continue clicking in the gallery and fall in love with their work. Better yet, the designer has tagged the other professionals they worked with on the project, and a majority of them aren’t that far away from you. A quick glance at the firm’s profile gives you their website and phone number — you have what you need to get your project off the ground.


Whether you’re opening a coffee shop, drawing up plans to build a state-of-the-art sports stadium, restoring a historic warehouse district, or remodeling a stale conference room, you can find the inspiration to help shape your vision and the resources you need to breathe life into it.

UPDATED: September 30, 2019

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